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who we are


Milanese company SKIPPER was born in the early 2000s and has as its object the ideation and production of writing articles for the promotional market.


Design and research have always been part of our mission, this has allowed us to offer customers a range of items with a strong personality. Our pens are designed by designers, with attention to the smallest details. The qualitative aspect is important to us. We use non-toxic plastic materials, transformed with cutting-edge molding systems, assembly and customization. Quality controls are present and constant at every stage of production thanks to the presence of a team with important technical training and highly motivated.

Our printing service uses the most modern computer graphics tools to be able to reproduce your logos using different printing methods (screen printing-pad printing-laser) ensuring maximum quality.


Yes, quality first of all because the pen promotional vehicle must impress the message you want to convey on the recipient's mind.

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