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A good print requires an excellent Art-work.

we perform printing simulations to allow you to visualize what the result of the reproduction of your logo could be.

Our service, with specific experience in the construction of small systems, will guide you in the execution of the art-work to obtain the best possible result with digital projects made with the most common graphics programs.

Always attach an image containing the logo you want to reproduce, the colors and the position, (you can save everything in a jpeg file).


VECTOR FILE (logos-texts)

Illustrator .ai, Freehand .fh, Corel Draw .cdr I vs. files can also be saved in epa or pdf.

The characters must not have a size smaller than 4 pt., They must be converted into curves and lines (vectors), the dashes less than 0.1 mm thick cannot be made.


RASTER FILE (images-logos)

Photoshop .psd Files can also be saved in tiff, jpeg, png or eps format.

The resolution required is 1,200 dpi, awls less than 0.1 mm (10 pixels) thick cannot be reproduced.



The Pantone scale is for us the normal reference for making prints. Your projects must always contain Pantone colors and not the same ones converted into percentages of the RGB or CYMK color scales.

On pens with Frost finish thanks to our know-how we are able to obtain good results without having to carry out a white background.

It is a solution that we rarely use only on very complex logos or where particular visibility is needed.


it is the most used printing technology to reproduce logos even with high coverage.

With us it is commonly used for printing in the round on the bodies of the pens.

A direct process that takes place thanks to a frame, to which a photosensitive gelatin is applied beforehand, then exposed to a beam of light. Your art-work takes here the image which will then be transmitted by ink to the pen.

The high quality of the inks used allows us to be able to create prints with the perfect reproduction of Pantone colors with excellent hold.



it is the most suitable procedure for printing on all flat and curved surfaces.

We mainly use it for the personalization of the clips.

An indirect procedure. The printing is carried out thanks to a silicone pad that takes the ink with the image from a photosensitive polymer, previously engraved with a light and transmits it on the objects.

Higher definitions are obtained than screen printing, which gives us the possibility of reproducing very subtle strokes and screens with which shades are created.

Thanks to the excellent qualities of the inks used, we are able to reproduce perfect prints with superb hold, even on metals, respecting the shades of Pantone colors.

TP S3.png


the print par excellence. Engraving a metal surface with the laser beam gives us the opportunity to make the prints eternal.

The excellent quality of the optics used, the increasingly high-performance digital controls contribute to an exclusive result. By using this technology on our products with shiny or silver plated films, you have achieved maximum elegance.

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